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I was born in Windsor, England in 1960

1979-82: I read Classics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge

1982: I marry for first time

1982-85: I train as a social worker, with a view to working in the

Probation Service

1984: birth of first of five sons

1985 - 86: I work as a psychiatric social worker in Fulbourn Hospital,


1986 and 1988: birth of two more sons

1988: I work with young offenders, and begin my first novel

1991: My first marriage ends

1993: I marry for a second time and win a Betty Trask Prize

1995 and 1998: two more sons are born

1998: I move to West Sussex

1999 to the present day: publish four more novels, and The Conversations, 66 reasons to start talking I also teach Latin and Greek.


If there’s an overarching theme of my novels, it’s love. It’s our human curse to have our minds and hearts trapped in our bodies, which are all too solid, bodies which are beautiful, ugly or indifferent, and which will ultimately wither and die. My personal strategy for dealing with our fate is to be honest about how difficult it is to be human, how difficult it is to find meaning in our lives. Everything I write tackles these questions head on, even my two comic novels, The Glorious Flight of Perdita Tree and Possibly a Love Story. All my characters, the lonely and the less lonely, yearn to connect with others. How successful they are is for you, the reader, to judge.

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